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“Social media is rife with posts disparaging the vaccine hesitant – but these reactions to a complex and nuanced issue are doing more harm than good.”

I agree and would like to see more respectful information shared…. I have largely not posted anything on the subject and do not wish to lose friends over this issue but I can no longer sit by and say nothing when my friends are sick and their families dying.

In that spirit I am going to share the following. I know we are all exhausted by the subject and are afraid. And I know that fear can bring out the worst in us and can cause us to react and say things we wouldn’t otherwise.

I also know a number of my friends and their families in our community have not gotten vaccinated for lots of various reasons. To them, I truly mean no disrespect BUT I am asking them to please read and consider this:

One of my friends is the only one in her family who is vaccinated and her ENTIRE FAMILY now has Covid. She is the only one who did not get it. The hospital told their family not to come there unless their O2 stats became critical. When my friend’s father, who is in his early 60s, has been very fit, healthy and active had his Oxygen levels dip below 80 she had to take him to the hospital and leave him there. He is now intubated and fighting for his life. She hasn’t been able to see him and she is heartbroken.

This is not just statistics that you hear on the radio or read in the news. These are people I know, we know, who are suffering and dying! People we know who thought this wouldn’t happen to them and it is.

I also have a friend who’s parents didn’t get vaccinated and gave it to them and all their grandchildren. This is so sad and also heartbreaking.

And while many still think it’s not worth the risk of getting the vaccine— and that they can survive getting Covid—it is no longer only the old and sick who are ending up in the hospital or dying from it.

The numbers here in Humboldt are alarming!

I also do not personally know a single person who is hospitalized or dying from the side effects of the vaccine. And while the long term side effects from the vaccine may still be unknown— the side effects and deaths occurring from Covid are known.

And while I know my vaccine hesitant friends are saying that people are still getting Covid even after getting vaccinated— the majority of people getting hospitalized, intubated and dying right now are unvaccinated people.

And most vaccinated people who are getting it are getting much less severe cases and surviving.

Please, the numbers of people getting Covid here in Humboldt are growing daily as is the death toll. Our hospitals are full and our healthcare workers are exhausted and taxed beyond measure.

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet— please reconsider and get vaccinated now— if not for yourself, for your friends, your family and your community.
Tryphena Lewis


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