Ginnie Graham: Most pressing issues in Tulsa are growing divides | Columnists

This past week, I accepted the position of editorial editor, replacing my longtime boss, colleague and friend Wayne Greene. For 27 years, he encouraged me to explore these challenges.

That’s a big part of what journalism is supposed to do: point out problems and seek answers and solutions.

The Opinion pages host differing thoughts rooted in meaningful dialogue. This space has higher standards than the anonymity and meanness flourishing on social media and cable news programs.

Readers will wonder if the change means shifting more liberal or conservative. I do not plan for that to happen, in either direction.

Our Editorial Board seeks consistency and progress in determining positions, columns are chosen to reflect different perspectives, and letters meeting basic guidelines are published.

My interests are in local and state issues. Those affect us more and get little attention.

The existing divides didn’t start as unavoidable schisms. They crept up unnoticed.

We need spaces for people to air their viewpoints and experiences in thoughtful and respectful ways. We cannot move forward if we dismiss or ignore each other.

That’s why these growing divides are the most pressing issues we face. That’s where the Opinion pages have worth as a meeting place.

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