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Liposuction can help in getting a well-shaped body by removing the excess fat, it will not alter your body’s shape.

Being overweight can be exhausting both physically and mentally as it is not something that any individual chooses for themselves. Several hormonal and mental conditions can lead to excess body weight and also make it very difficult for an individual to shed that weight. Besides this, some body parts like the thighs and hips are also prone to developing thick fat that does not go away easily with workouts and diet. Procedures like liposuction have become considerably popular in the last few decades due to the safety and quick recovery associated with it.

Dr. Narendra M, Senior Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore explains: In cosmetic surgery, liposuction is a popular procedure to remove fat from specific areas of the body. In addition to body contouring, it is also used for facial contouring. It targets stubborn fat deposits in the areas of the arms, the stomach, the cheeks, the neck, the hips, the thighs, and the hips.

Despite it being a minimally invasive and safe procedure, there are a number of myths associated with liposuction.

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Any surgery includes a few risks, but liposuction is relatively safe and has been known to provide quick results, says Dr. Narendra.

Debunking Common Myths

Dr. Narendra debunks some of the most common myths surrounding the idea of liposuction with the truth:

Myth 1: Liposuction can be used for weight loss

Fact: This is one of the most popular myths associated with the procedure. In contrast to other weight loss methods, liposuction targets stubborn fat cells that are resistant to exercise or other procedures. It is essential that the individual going through liposuction is already at the right weight and can maintain it accordingly as well.

Liposuction can help in getting a well-shaped body by removing the excess fat, it will not alter your body’s shape. As a result, it helps to correct problem areas and maximise the results of weight loss processes and efforts.

Myth 2: Fat removed through Liposuction grows back

Fact: Liposuction is a procedure that permanently removes excess fat from a specific area. However, there are fat cells that are left behind and they can grow and expand in the same region of treatment if instructions are not followed, and the individual fails to maintain their weight.

Myth 3: There is no need to maintain weight or exercise post Liposuction

Fact: While the procedure does remove excess fat from the body, there is a limit to it. As mentioned, the fat cells are left intact as surgical removal of all of them is impossible. If not maintained, these will grow and increase and the patient will gain weight all over again. It is necessary to follow a proper routine and make necessary lifestyle changes to keep the body in the same result. Surgeons often provide their patients with a healthy diet and exercise regime post the procedure.

Myth 4: Liposuction is for women

Fact: The notion that most plastic surgeries are mainly for women is widely accepted. But most of these procedures are equally effective for everyone irrespective of their gender. Men can also flatten their stubborn fat with liposuction and reduce the excess fat pockets.

Myth 5: Liposuction causes weakness

Fact: Liposuction does not result in weakness of any kind as the body’s energy is stored in the muscles. Fat removal through liposuction improves the body contour and the added advantage of experiencing weight loss makes the patients a lot more energetic than before.


Liposuction may not be a treatment option for overnight drastic weight loss or to cure obesity or related issues, but it is a good option to do away with stubborn fat that cannot be reduced even with exercise and diet. Such surgeries require proper consultation and information, and only certified and experienced surgeons should be consulted for the same.

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