3 ‘Friends’ Storylines That Are Actually Incredibly Controversial Now

Friends didn’t seem like a controversial series way back in the 1990s and early 2000s. The show was beloved mostly because of its light nature. Almost two decades out from the show’s finale, fans are looking at the series in a different light. In fact, viewers who are coming to the show for the first time notice some significant problems. They aren’t wrong, either. When you look back, Friends had some storylines that would be considered incredibly controversial now.

The portrayal of Monica as an overweight teen is incredibly problematic now

Each of the Friends characters had unique and interesting backstories. Phoebe Buffay’s childhood was, by far, the most tragic, while Chandler Bing would argue his childhood was the most traumatic. Ross Geller and Monica Geller had a mostly traditional upbringing. The production team developed a backstory for Monica that, at the time, was supposed to be funny, but today is incredibly cringeworthy.

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