New research explores role of senescent cells in aging and obesity-related conditions

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UConn Health research scientists and physicians collaborate with Mayo Clinic researchers to publish articles documenting new research Nature aging, A prestigious journal dedicated to the study and study of aging.

The article “p21-Inducible p21-Cre Mouse Model for In vivo Monitoring and Manipulation of Highly Expressed Senescent Cells” was published in a new issue. Nature aging.. Dr. Ming Xu, Assistant Professor at the UConn Center on Aging and Department of Genetics and Genomics at the University of Connecticut Health Center, is a senior communications author. Nathan Gasek, a researcher enrolled in UConn Health’s MDPhD training program, is one of the first authors alongside UConn Health researchers Dr. Binsheng Wang and Dr. Richao Wang.

NS Nature aging The journal contains research on the biology of aging and longevity, examining aging at the biological level and exploring efforts to utilize these biological processes to extend life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. The journal also features translation and clinical research focused primarily on diseases that affect the elderly.

“We are new Mouse model investigate Aging cells, Cell populations that play an important role in various aging-and obesity“A related chronic disease,” explains Xu. “Unlike the previous model, the new model focuses on senescent cells that express high levels of p21, a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor and one of the key markers of cellular senescence. Models allow senescent cells to be monitored, classified, imaged, removed, or regulated in vivo, opening new research tools to further understand the biology of senescent cells. “

“This article is from several UConn researchers who work with colleagues at the Mayo Clinic to advance the field of geriatric science and thus ultimately improve the health of older people through research. It represents an important contribution, “said Director George Kuchel. UConn Center on Aging (and Professor, Geriatrics and Gerontology Travelers Chair). “We are proud of their achievements and know that their work will continue to create valuable aging breakthroughs.”

Researchers identify targets for senolytics

For more information:
Binsheng Wang et al, an inducible p21-Cre mouse model for monitoring and manipulating senescent cells that highly express p21 in vivo, Nature aging (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s43587-021-00107-6

Quote: In a new study, aging and obesity-related conditions obtained on October 12, 2021 from https: // (October 2021) We are investigating the role of senescent cells in (12th). html

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New research explores role of senescent cells in aging and obesity-related conditions Source link New research explores role of senescent cells in aging and obesity-related conditions

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