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A healthy workplace aims to: Create a healthy, supportive, and safe work environment. Ensure that health protection and health promotion become an integral part of management practices. Foster work styles and lifestyles conducive to health.

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Union health and safety reps launch drive to inspect workplace buildings

The TUC is calling on the Government and employers to make workplace buildings safer by publishing a national risk register,…

Lawrence Matheson Lawrence Matheson

Poor work performance among Japanese employees strongly associated with insufficient sleep

This study examined the association between work performance and lifestyle habits among Japanese employees. The results revealed that insufficient sleep…

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It’s not just you: Young people look, feel older when they’re stressed

A new study finds younger adults look and feel older on stressful days -- but only on days when they…

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Violence Prevention in the Health Care Workplace – Law Firm Attorneys | Epstein Becker Green

In recent years, health care employers have faced an unprecedented and complicated…

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Union health and safety reps launch drive to inspect workplace buildings

The TUC is calling on the Government and employers to make workplace…

Lawrence Matheson Lawrence Matheson

Mental Health Monday: Improving your workplace health

Mondays are a drag but some tips on how to improve your…

Jonathan Fjeld Jonathan Fjeld

Province looks to reduce workplace injuries among young Albertans

“It’s important that Alberta’s young people get valuable work experience and that…

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Do Detox Diets and Cleanses Really Work?

Your body is capable of cleansing itself without detox diets. However, other…

‘Nonsense fearmongering:’ Health minister slams Poilievre for ‘lies’ on pharmacare bill

The federal health minister is accusing Pierre Poilievre of spreading ‘lies’ after…